Why Fish For Teeth?

Fish for Teeth was started in 2007 by Matt Marinkovich, a San Juan Island commercial fisherman, after a little girl showed him her mouth full of cavities.  “She just came up to me out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to see her cavities,” said Marinkovich.  “She had a lot of cavities in there!”


After years of slow progress toward their mission, the Fish for Teeth Board of Directors, comprised of local fishermen and dentists, discovered the Medical Teams International Mobile Dental Van.  “The combination of commercial fishermen working with dentists blows right through the red tape and gets us working on teeth right away,” says Marinkovich.  “If there’s somebody that needs dental care, and doesn’t have the money to fix it, THAT is who we want to help.” 

Another opportunity exists in the Southeastern Alaskan halibut fishery, which also catches a limited number of rockfish.  These rockfish are abundant in their numbers, are not targeted directly in a commerical fishery and are closely managed.  The fishermen are allowed to sell a limited number of rockfish they may catch when catching their halibut.  If they catch more than this number, they can donate them to a charity of their choice, like Fish for Teeth.

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