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Fish Tacos Make it Happen!

If you choose to sign up for the Fish Taco list only, the only emails you will receive will be Fish Taco Fundraiser notices. The emails will come from Matt’s Fresh Fish. Feel free to sign up for any other list that looks interesting.

Working with private and public partners creates efficiencies that make our dollars go further. Fish for Teeth keeps a lean budget and earns our funding the old fashioned way—WE MAKE FISH TACOS!


Our legendary Fish Tacos are actually fish-burritos --they  are a meal in themselves. They’re filled with a generous helping of sustainably-harvested WA coastal rockfish, shredded cheddar, premium salsa, and complemented with fresh, crisp greens and a squeeze of lime. And for only a $9.00 suggested donation, they are the best deal in town!


They’re made with love by our volunteer team of Fish Taco professionals, many of which are members of the Kiwanis Club; the Kiwanis are always happy to pitch in and help the community in many important ways.


Creating and offering these Fish Tacos to the community is our main fundraising effort. So when you hear about Fish Taco day, please make a point of supporting our mission, and enjoy one of these delicious taste treats for lunch! You can click here to sign up for the FISH TACO LIST and you’ll be notified when (and only when) the fish tacos will be coming.

In addition to fish taco revenues, direct donations from our community remain an essential component of our funding profile. Fish for Teeth has always relied on direct donations from caring community members. They realize their dollars are well-placed with Fish for Teeth when it comes time to handle the tooth-fixing task in Friday Harbor.

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