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This group of comments came from a batch of hand-written comments from dental van visits.❤

They were extremely helpful and kind! So grateful for this program and the volunteers. Thank you! --Grateful Patient

I have a dental phobia and needed a tooth removed. Dr. Horn was patient, gentle, and reassuring throughout the procedure and took the time to make sure I was completely comfortable every step of the way. Thanks, Fish For Teeth!  --Emily

I am very pleased with the entire process. A good job was done on my teeth!😍 --Grateful patient

I definitely recommend the service you are providing. I feel you are providing a great service and I thank you very much. --Grateful Patient

This opportunity is so appreciated. Everyone is so helpful and nice, and "Painless Turnage" lives up to his nickname! thanks to each of you.😁 Grateful Patient

This program is excellent - Thank you so much. --Grateful Patient

Wonderful website, I like it :) --Tanya Robinson

People here are so helpful that it is hard to put into words. Only this comes to mind, "Thanks, in the largest way." Even though it is not said, you can just feel it. Hoping that someone helps them, too. --Grateful Patient

So grateful for your program! I would like to volunteer and given back. Please call me. --Grateful Patient

I have had problems with my teeth since I was a child. Money has always been an issue. I have not let people see me smile for 20 years. It has always been the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing before bed. Without this program no one would ever see me smile. It means everything to me. Thank you! --Grateful Patient

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