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 Volunteers working so everyone can have a healthy mouth

Fish for Teeth is an organization committed to independence from government assistance and red tape. We're focused on finding the most sensible and efficient solution for islanders who cannot afford dental care. Our priority is to provide service without an income parameter, and we will always be committed toward these ends.

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Mail, cash or check

PO Box 2084

Friday Harbor, WA 98250

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Fish For Teeth Would Love Your Receipts!

We participate in a 1% community donation program. King's Marine, King's Market, and King's Variety give 1% of store receipts submitted by customers toward the non-profit or their choice. You can shop at King's Market, King's Variety, and King's Marine (Marketplace doesn't count). You can drop receipts off at Farmers Insurance (outside dropbox for your convenience any time, day or night). We will collect them and turn them in quarterly.

T-shirts $20

Also available for purchase day of fish taco event.
All Volunteers get a t-shirt for free!

p.s. click on the t-shirt to see more from Loea Designs. This is a great small business to support!


Fish For Teeth does not receive any government funding.  All of our contributions are from direct, tax-deductible donations from individuals, service groups and our own fundraisers where we sell fish tacos. All donations go directly to pay for the mobile dental clinics. You can also specify your support for individual patients or types of services. Let us know where your donation should go, and we will make it happen.

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