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Thanks to this group of Fish Taco Volunteers from Friday, January 15, 2021. Many of these volunteers are from Friday Harbor Kiwanis. We appreciate all of you. Thank you for making taco day so fun.

Mac McGee, Linn Matko, Bruce Robinson, Vicki Thalacker, Larry wight, Scott Morlan, Gerry Lesmez, Lisa Anderson, Dan O'Briant, Dave Eden, Sharon Lannan, Beth Eden, Samantha Bryner, Kim Burns, Doug Popham, Stephanie O'Day, Jack Rice, Nancy Fusare, Carrie, Scheef, John Madden, Jean, Griffin, Pauline Mulligan, Rebecca Moore, Jerry Ball, Ron Heeren, Mark Wagner, Maureen Marinkovich, Matthew Marinkovich

FFT Taco Fundraiswer October 2019 .jpeg
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