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Fishermen, Dentists, and Community

Fish For Teeth is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (20-8601854) started by commercial fisherman Matt Marinkovich in 2007. The organization uses sales from the local fishing industry to provide dental care for those who cannot afford services in Washington state's San Juan Islands. Accessing affordable dental care on the remote islands can be difficult, so Fish For Teeth brings is here to help.

Marinkovich could see the islands' urgent need for affordable dental care after a young, local girl showed him her mouth full of cavities.


“The combination of commercial fishermen working with dentists blows right through the red tape and gets us working on teeth right away,” said Marinkovich. “If there’s somebody who needs dental care, and doesn’t have the money to fix it, that is who we want to help.”


Fish For Teeth's mission is to work cooperatively with the commercial fishing industry, local dental professionals, public and private health agencies, and caring community members to provide dental care, treatment, and prevention for those who otherwise cannot afford such services.


Fish for Teeth's Board Members:

  • Matt Marinkovich

  • Maureen Marinkovich

  • Michael Horn, DDS

  • David Jennings

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